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Title I District Information


  •     Oak is receiving Title I Government funding for the next 4 years.
  •     Title I funding is money set aside by the federal government to assist high poverty schools.
  •     We are considered a Title I School, because Bartlett City Schools is now considered a Title I district- (along with all the other municipalities and Shelby County Schools).
  •     The percentage of high poverty students in Shelby County qualified all districts in the county to receive these funds.
  •     $$ This is great for us $$
    •    We will be able to use the funding to purchase technology, along with the instructional software/ curriculum and resources to make the most of the technology purchases.
    •    We will also be able to send our teachers to professional development workshops and seminars.
    •    We will also be able to offer parent classes and support in addition to what we have already been doing in the past.
  •     Because of this, new staffing was needed to help implement and monitor the Title I process in the building. Nelson has stepped into this role as the Title I Instructional Facilitator.  She will be stepping out of the classroom into an office and will be shared between Oak and Bon Lin Elementary.
  •    You can call/ email Mrs. Nelson if you have any questions.


Emily Nelson- Title I Instructional Facilitator

[email protected]rg