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Emergency Information

Emergency Announcement Information

What are emergencies?
Severe weather
Hazardous materials
Serious accident
Student or staff injuries or illness
Threat of harm

How will you know there is an emergency at your child’s school?
Schools will communicate to parents through:
• TV and radio media
• Phone calls when possible

What will school staff do when there is an emergency at school?
Every school has a team of staff members who have received specialized training. This School Emergency Response Team (SERT) and other school staff members are prepared to work together with community emergency response departments to care for and protect children, staff, and all others present when an emergency occurs. All schools have a safety plan.

What should parents do when an emergency occurs at their child’s school?

1. Obtain instructions by listening to TV and radio media.
Follow instructions regarding the location for picking up your child. Your child will ONLY be released to those persons listed in your emergency information.
Bring your photo I.D.
Report to the reunification/pick up area.
Help preserve order by being patient and assisting as needed.

Do Not
Do not call the school. Jammed phone lines will prevent school personnel from making emergency calls.
Do not enter the school and search for your child. School staff will release children in an orderly fashion. This procedure will account for every child and prevent the possibility of injury.
Do not block the school driveways. Driveways will only be used by emergency vehicles.

Parent Checklist
Your home safety plan is in place.
Alternative people to pick up your child are listed at the school.
The person picking up your child knows he/she must bring a photo I.D.
Verify that the school has your child’s medication(s) on file.
All of your current phone numbers are on file at the school, including an out of state person to contact should local lines by jammed.
List of Emergency Numbers

Develop Your Own Home Safety Plan
Develop a plan with your spouse.
Talk to your children about the importance of being safe in an emergency.
Place emergency supplies in a safe, protected location.
Obtain additional information from the Federal Emergency Management website:
Practice your family’s home safety plan.
Learn how to help in your neighborhood during an emergency by attending Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) Contact Memphis and Shelby County Emergency Management Agency for information about CERT.