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Mrs. Nancy Bland » Welcome to Mrs. Bland's Honey Bees Web Page!

Welcome to Mrs. Bland's Honey Bees Web Page!

Bee Safe!!!!!


May 7-11


Upcoming Dates

May 7th   K and First grade field day

May 8th   Second and Third grade field day

May 9th    Fourth and Fifth grade field Day

May 11th  Field Day Parade

                Running of the Rams 5K

May 15th   Marco’s Pizza Night

May 16th   First Grade Program at 8:30

May 17th   Kindergarten Program at 8:30

                 (Bowens, Brown, McGuire, Piland)

                 Second Grade Program at 1:30

May 18th    Kindergarten Program at 8:30

                  (Buchwalter, Connerly, Ebbers)

                  Fifth Grade Program at 9:30

                 Third Grade Program at 1:30

May 21st     Fourth Grade Program at 8:30

May 22nd   Pre K  Program at 8:30

May 24th  Last Day of School. This is a half day with dismissal at 11:30.



Your child will read aloud to me for one minute to measure how many words correct per minute they can read. This is not for a grade. By the end of the year your child should be able to read 100 words correct per minute.

Grammar: Adjectives

Spelling: words with "oi and oy"

Math: Addition and Subtraction of double digit numbers

Science: Plants

S.S.: Earth and our responsibility to take care of our planet 


Mrs Bland's Honey Bees

Bee respectful.

Bee responsible.

Bee ready to learn.


Love your hive!        




For the safety of all students, any medication that is to be administered at school must be hand delivered by the parent/guardian to the school nurse and signed into the school.


If you pick your child up in front of the school and you need to walk across the street with your child, please go to the crosswalk to cross the street.  We need to be safe and set a good example.












Recent Posts

STEM Tubs Needs

•paper towel tubes
•wiki sticks
•paper clips
•colored craft sticks
•wide craft sticks
•pipe cleaners
•paper plates
•wiki sticks

City Saver Coupon Books

City Saver Coupon Books are $25.  This is a great school fund raiser (not PTO fund raiser) for our school.  Please consider asking your co-workers, family members, church friends, and neighbors if they would like a City Saver Book.    If you choose not to buy the book please return it to school.  
There are prizes available for selling multiple books.  Thank you in advance for helping to support Oak!

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